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Christmas Wreath

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3 Item(s)

Christmas wreaths are hallmarks of the Christmas holiday and are likely to be displayed in great numbers, along front doors, city buildings, and inside of shopping malls. They’re made of snippets of evergreen fir that are doughnut shaped and they often come with small red berries for décor. While they may not look as grand, compared to a full-sized Christmas tree, they look just as fabulous. Wreaths are often very beautifully decorated, whether with bows, tinsel, Christmas lights, metallic acorns, or anything else, pretty and shiny.

These festive circles can actually be epic in size, which may not always be noticeable since they can be pinned high up on buildings. In fact, some measure up to fourteen feet in diameter and require steel frames for support! Not-to-mention the massive Christmas garlands, which usually frame the wreaths, since they’re quite often the accompanying décor.

Since garlands are just wreaths that have not been shaped into doughnuts, it’s a wonder as to how wreaths came to be in the first place. Well, there’s one Christian theory that the circular shape of the wreath is to represent the thorn crown that Jesus had worn on his head, when he died on the cross. The berries represent his blood. Yet, the wreath is also speculated to have totally non-religious origins, since the Romans began posting them on their front door, every time they won a battle at war. Whether wreaths are religious or not, they are a sign of the holiday season, especially if spotted next to a Christmas inflatable Santa!