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Christmas Tree

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5 Item(s)

Christmas trees are perhaps the most easily recognizable signs of the holiday season. People tend to begin setting them up in their homes right after Thanks Giving, toward the end of November, and then leave them on display until New Years. The sight of a brightly lit and splendidly decorated tree, during the darkest months of the year, tends to bring feelings of hope and happiness. Especially since, the fir evergreen is a reminder of life, at a time when all the leaves have fallen off of other trees, and the world outside has begun to look barren.

While the fir tree’s beauty is a great reason to set it up, most children think presents. Every kid who’s ever celebrated Christmas a day in their life knows that presents will only be found in one place, which is not next to the Christmas inflatables, nor underneath the Christmas wreath, rather wrapped up and hopefully stacked underneath the Christmas tree. A really lucky kid will also get a Christmas stocking, that contains smaller gifts, however this is usually found, hung by the fireplace, possibly marked by a Christmas garland.

Surely Christmas décor is one of the best things about the holiday, especially for those who are not religious, or who practice some other religion. So, no Christmas tree is truly festive without all the many ornaments and Christmas lights that hang from its branches.  In fact, Christmas trees as we know them today - adorned and inside the home - possibly started all the way back in 16th century Germany. This is not long in terms of human evolution, which began hundreds of thousands of year ago, however would be in the same time frame as Christopher Columbus and his voyages and also the career of famous play-writer, Shakespeare. Who knows, maybe even Columbus and Shakespeare had a Christmas tree!  

So, for some Christmas trees are tied to the Christian religion however for many, they are just a beautiful part of the holiday season. Whether the tree has presents underneath it or not, every home that has a Christmas tree shines a little brighter. It’s undeniable that the bright green leaves of the evergreen fir provide a sign of life, which feels heartwarming, even on the darkness of days.