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Christmas garlands are simply pieces of evergreen fir that have been bundled together to make long, draping cords. They are decorated much in the same way as Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths and can be admired for their bows, tinsel, Christmas lights, and other festive adornments. In the home, garlands tend to find their place, wrapped along staircase railings and draped over fireplaces. While garlands may be less of a staple item, compared to trees and wreaths, for the average household, any home that has garlands looks all the more merry.

In some cases, garlands aren’t even made of evergreen and are entirely tinsel, or some other ornament that can be attached to a cord. In fact, most kids who’ve celebrated Christmas have made garlands in school, made entirely of popcorn on a string. While Christmas garlands can be simple, they always provide an added flare to the holiday season. In fact, one of the defining things about the garland, which makes it so popular, is its versatility. The flexible cord can fit just about anywhere and be shaped in any kind of way. Who says that Christmas inflatables, like reindeer, are complete without their garland crowns!