Everyone who’s grown up with the Christmas holiday is aware of how quickly it seems to creep up and how in an instant, it can feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of preparation to do for meals, gifts, décor, and events. While all of these things are important, décor is undeniably the most essential aspect to feeling the holiday spirit.

Whenever family and friends gather for a meal and are greeted by décor, like a Christmas wreath on the front door, it instills holiday cheer right from the get-go. Also, seeing a Christmas tree, inside the home on a snowy December morning, that is adorned with twinkling Christmas lights and tinsel, is likely to make the holiday feel all the more magical. So, considering the importance of Christmas décor, here are a number of Christmas decorating ideas to try out for your home! All of them are also incredibly easy to make and affordable…

1)     Make a popcorn garland

A popcorn garland is one of the easiest Christmas décor ideas and also one of the most edible! Who doesn’t love a good mouthful of popcorn? Ideally, you get one bag of buttered popcorn to munch on and another bag of unbuttered popcorn for the garland. You’ll need to pop a bunch of unbuttered popcorn and then string the popcorns together, using a needle and thread. You can decide how long you want your popcorn garland to be however there is a rule of thumb to follow, which is 10 feet of garland for each foot of your Christmas tree. So, a 7 foot tall Christmas tree would take 70 feet of popcorn garland. A popcorn garland wrapped around a tree, gives any Christmas, a handcrafted look that is beautiful. 

2)     Make a Feather wreath

Christmas wreaths are charming for so many reasons, including their fresh evergreen smell, the lively green color of fir, and the usual red berries. However, they can become even more jaw-dropping when decorated with feathers! Perhaps, making a feather wreath is even easier than a popcorn garland, especially if you’ve already bought the wreath. Of course, you will need to buy some high quality feathers for the project, yet it won’t break your bank, especially if you buy them online, like Amazon. The hardest part of this project is choosing the style of wreath you’d like to end up with, since the feathers will dramatically impact the turn-out. For an animalistic look, peacock feathers can be a nice touch. Yet, for an elegant wreath, bright white feathers would look best. There are so many options to choose from and once you’ve got the feathers selected, it’s simply a matter of purchasing them, and then inserting them into the wreath. You can add as many or as little feathers as you would like, until you have the perfect feather wreath!

3)     Decorate using evergreen fir pieces

Do you have empty vases, collecting dust in your cabinets? Empty no more! It is time to fill those vases with small branches of evergreen fir. It is so simple, yet looks so festive. You can place your evergreen fir-filled vase in front of a bedroom mirror for an even more dramatic effect, since you will see the evergreen 360 degrees. Bright green throughout the home will be sure to feel uplifting, during the dark winter month of December. Especially since, December lacks green leaves outside – the evergreen in the home can be a welcomed reminder that brighter days will eventually return.  

4)     Add bows to things

If you can tie your shoes, you can totally do this decorating idea! You can find fun ribbons online, on a site like Etsy, and you’d even be able to pick out up to eight ribbons, for less than 10 bucks! Once you’ve got your ribbons in hand, you can have tie them into bows and put them up around your home. Bows look great on the tops of mirrors, along staircases, and on shelves. You can make ribbons as big or small as you like and it’s sure to take your home’s Christmas décor up a notch.

5)     Bake Christmas cookies you can hang up

This Christmas decorating idea is great for anyone who also loves Christmas treats because it’s a decoration that you can eat! One of the most well-liked cookies is short bread, likely because of its relative simplicity compared to other cookies. Anyone who likes sweet and soft, flour-based cookies, with just a hint of vanilla flavor, is sure to love short bread. You can use whatever Christmas cookie cutters you love most to shape your short-bread cookies, yet one of the best is the Christmas tree, since it hangs nicely. Use a straw to make a hole at the top of the Christmas tree cookie before baking and then leave in the oven a little longer for a harder cookie that won’t crumble apart once hung. Also, decorate the cookie with plenty of icing and sprinkles! Cookies can be tied up to branches of a Christmas tree and it’s sure to make any home smell and look festive. Of course, the best part comes, when it’s time to gobble up all those short breads up!  

So, there are many, many Christmas décor ideas and a lot of the time, it’s affordable and simple to make your home look lovely for the holiday season. Simply, add a bow to a piece of furniture in your home or insert feathers into your Christmas wreath. Any decoration, even if small, really amps up the Christmas magic. While this isn’t a Christmas decoration you can make, Christmas lights are also always a nice touch. When it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit, having a well decorated home, can make all the difference, so just go for it!